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Advantages of Aluminum Fences

Common Uses For Fences:

  • For the prevention of children drowning in pools
  • For keeping children or pets contained
  • To help prevent theft
  • To enhance the outer appearance of your house, pool area or garden
  • Too add value to your real estate

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Aluminum Fences can be made available in many colors, styles, grades and heights. Not to mention, aluminum fences will also provide a pleasing look to any property. Aluminum fences can be used for pools, property and homes alike. Aluminum fences are specially designed to contain children, pools and animals making you feel safer, more secure and confident.

Advantages of Aluminum Fencing:

  1. Lifetime warranty: Aluminum fences are powder coated and come with a lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling and chipping, not to mention against defects in workmanship. b) Multiple Colors: Different colors are available on any style/grade of aluminum fences, for any application.
  2. Economical: Aluminum fences are less expensive over the long term. Wood and chain link will have to be replaced at some point, not to mention the maintenance/painting during ownership. With any maintenance free product, it initially will be more expensive, but over time it will be less expensive.
  3. No Maintenance: Aluminum fences are all aluminum, stainless steel fasteners and fiberglass nylon gate hardware, therefore nothing will rust.
  4. Meets safety (B.O.C.A.) standards: Aluminum fences are designed to meet pool codes, whether it?s a commercial or residential application.

Aluminum fences are priced according to the manufacturer?s grade and style. Fences for residential purpose are made of lighter gauge aluminum and are priced lower than those fences which are for strict industrial use.

When one is buying aluminum fencing for a pool, it is very essential to take into consideration the manufacturer’s credentials because pool fencing requires certain strict specifications to be followed as per B.O.C.A regulations. Poolside fences are also exposed to a lot of moisture, so it is essential to use fencing that you should not have to maintain at any point in time.

Although most aluminum fences may give the same appearance, there is much to distinguish in terms of quality. The two main components that contribute to the manufacturing cost are the strength of the alloy used for the fence and the wall thicknesses of each individual component. While buying an Aluminum Fence it is important to look at the specifications supplied by the manufacturer so that the price paid is ultimately worth it.