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Aluminum Fences Installed In Charlotte

OnGuard Fence Systems for all of our ornamental aluminum fencing in Charlotte NC. OnGuard Fence Systems? state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities offer classic architectural powder coated finishes. beautiful exterior finish that has been engineered for maintenance free durability. OnGuard Fence Systems classic architectural powder coated finishes fence components feature their exclusive exterior finish Their finishes last a lifetime, protecting your investment and enhancing the value of your property in Concord, NC.

Ornamental aluminum fencing has become more popular and cost efficient option, than the previously used indestructible wrought iron fencing. The guys at our aluminum fence manufacturer have consistently put out a top notch product for us to install for our customers who prefer to have a more durable, decorative fence installed.

Unlike some other brands, all our rails and posts are powder coated after punching and notching, re-sealing all exposed surfaces with a protective powder coat finish for long lasting quality. The manufacturer uses TGIC polyester powder coating technology which provides twice the thickness and hardness as well as complete protection from fading and scratching. Their finishes have been put to the trial by undergoing 3,000 hours of humidity resistance and salt-spray testing are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Each rail has three points of contact with its pickets. This unique design creates a strong bond that eliminates sagging, twisting, and cupping. Rails have no run lines or seams to accumulate water or debris, so fences resist mold and mildew. Long-Lasting Durability Components are powder coated after punching and notching, resealing all exposed surfaces with a new protective powder coat finish. Crimped rail style channels water away from fence. Strength & Safety All rails and pickets are measure before powder coating, making this aluminum fencing one of the thickest in the industry. Pickets are designed with rounded points, making them safe for children and pets. Classic Style Our products have the classic look of wrought iron, but with the maintenance-free durability of aluminum.

Corrosion-proof stainless steel screws, custom designed with smaller heads. The pickets are 5/8″ sq. x .050″ thick for residential, and 3/4″ sq. x .050″ thick for commercial. The posts 2″ sq. x .060″ thick for residential, and 2″sq. x .125″ thick for commercial. The gate posts run 2 1/2″sq. x .100″ thick for residential, and 2-1/2″ sq. x .100″ thick for commercial.

For the Charlotte, NC. area we install aluminum fences for about $10 per lineal foot for labor in 4-6 foot heights. Other colors generally are special order, and come with a higher cost as well. Rarely do any of our customers ever request other colors, as the black is the most popular. Also, the 48″, and 60″ heights are the most popular. If you live in the Triangle area and are interested in having your fence installed professionally, don’t hesitate to visit our contact page and fill out our estimate sheet for your free no obligation estimate on an aluminum, wood, chain link, or other custom fence.