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Vinyl Privacy Fence With Lattice Accent

vinyl tongue and groove fence with lattice accent installed in charlotte north carolina by charlotte fence contractors

This customer found me through my placement of the fence codes on this web site. Jay contacted me because he wanted to be sure there wouldn’t be any problems with ordinances in the City of Charlotte, and I have done research on this subject for this area (extensive research).

The customer’s situation called for a fence to be constructed inside his property line next to his driveway. The problem was that the fence would be in the front of his property extending towards the street. Jay wanted to be sure that what he wanted to do was legal so he wouldn’t have any troubles in the future.

Do You Need A Fence Permit?

this fence installed in charlotte was constructed in the front yard and we called the planning and zoning department to be sure we didn't break any ordinances

The City of Charlotte does not require us to get a fence permit, but there are ordinances that say what you can and can’t do. The responsibility of getting a fence permit is that of the homeowner because each and every city, county, and town has different rules and regulations. Over and above that, your Homeowners Association may also have it’s own ordinances for building fences and walls in your area.

Because the verbiage in these ordinances is usually meant only for engineers and lawyers to understand, I called the planning and zoning department and spoke with someone about this situation. I was told that we could erect a vinyl fence up to six feet tall ANYWHERE on the property as long as we didn’t obstruct the line of site for the driveway to exit the property. That meant we needed to stay 15′ away from the road. We decided to stop 20′ short because of the rise in the terrain as you neared the road exiting his driveway.

pvc fences purchased from wholesale supplier has a higher quality and appearance

Quality Materials

The fence to be installed was a tongue and groove vinyl privacy fence with a lattice accent and french gothic post caps. I used Master Halco to purchase the materials for this fence project. You can tell from the pictures, it came out wonderfully. When purchasing a PVC fence, the big box retailers offer products that are cheaper, but there is a reason they are cheaper. The quality of their product lacks the superior quality of the materials us and most other Charlotte fence companies purchase through the same wholesale suppliers. So, the money you save now is lost in durability and appearance.


Jay doesn’t have a Homeowners Association to deal with in his neighborhood. Most customers have to deal with an HOA (Homeowner Association) and would not be able to have this fence installed on their property because of the HOA bylaws. Jay’s neighborhood is an older one inside the city limits of Charlotte, it doesn’t have an HOA.

If you are unsure what the regulations are in your neighborhood, don’t build your fence until you have made the proper calls to your municipality and HOA for permission to construct a wood, chain link, aluminum or vinyl fence on your property. If you are in need of help, feel free to contact us.