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Vinyl Fences

Recently at our company, we have had more requests for vinyl tongue and groove fencing estimates, which is somewhat uncommon for this area.

Usually, price is the biggest problem most consumers have with the vinyl fences. We have worked hard to find reputable suppliers to be able to compete with other fence companies in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.The price generally runs about 2.5x the cost of wood, which is sometimes hard to swallow. I generally leave an estimate for a similar wood fence with the customer to compare.vinyl white privacy solid fence

Benefits of Vinyl Fences:

There are benefits to installing a PVC or vinyl fence product. One of the best benefits is the durability of the product when purchased from a reputable manufacturer. The vinyl products we use come with a lifetime warranty. This is a warranty on the actual product, which you don’t get when purchasing various wood products.

Another benefit to the vinyl fences is the appearance of it. Vinyl fences offer a classy and clean looking fence after completed. Also, the tongue and groove privacy version gives complete privacy, something wood often lacks as the wood shrinks over time leaving gaps in between the pickets over time. There are options to prevent the gaps in wood by installing a board on board style instead of the typical stockade style, but usually board on board increases the price of the wood fence significantly.

Downsides of Vinyl Fences:

Alternately, there can be downsides to a vinyl fence as well.stepped_vinyl_fence

The obvious downside is the price, sometimes costing the end user up to $30 per foot and more depending on the product. Keep in mind, the labor charges for vinyl are the same as the labor for wood (at least they are from this fence contractor) so the added cost is all product based. While a comparable? wood fence would cost as little as $12per foot to install, this usually becomes the most difficult problem to overcome for homeowners and businesses when trying to decide what kind of fence to purchase and install in the Charlotte area.

The other downside that stands out, is that usually vinyl fence products don’t install well unless the property is mostly flat. If the property is not flat, the vinyl fence has to be stair stepped up or down which creates an eyesore and gaps in the bottom of the fence.


When trying to decide if you want a PVC or vinyl fence product, always do your homework, and be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Meaning, different fence suppliers may have different products and specifications and the cheapest one may not be the best choice.

Some differences you may find when comparing PVC fence products are posts (are they 5″ x 5″ for privacy, some only offer 4.5″ posts), do they have supports in the bottom rail, are the sections 6′ or 8′ wide (6′ wide sections means you will need more posts which adds to the cost). So be sure you are comparing similar products before making your decision, and as always, feel free to ask me or another fence contractor if you have question.