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Patio pavers is a name given to describe any regular type of paver that is made to be used in construction of an outdoor patio deck area. Paver patios are constructed primarily for the use in an outdoor living area. There are three main sources of materials that are used in the manufacturing paver and they all can be used in patio pavers. Concrete pavers are made from concrete. Brick pavers are made from clay. Stone pavers are made from natural stone such as granite, sandstone, and etc. Pavers come in an many types of colors, shapes, patterns and sizes that would be custom suited for many paving application. Any of the three types of pavers can be used for building a patio. When it comes to installing your Pavers, there are many patterns and designs to choose from. Herringbone is the most formal of the patterns available and the most widely used, it has a zigzag pattern is great for covering up any irregular areas. Running Bond is a simple pattern. Pavers are laid out in an angle to create a curve pattern.The Basket-Weave pattern is mostly used for casual use. It is often used with another type of pattern, or it can be used alone. Pavers are laid vertically and horizontally in pairs.Circle pattern is a popular and difficult design to install, pavers are laid in a circle design, creating the curves.

In place of pavers poured concrete slab for patio costs less than pavers. Concrete slabs crack and split in the future. The joints between pavers eliminate cracking associated with asphalt and concrete pavements. Concrete pavers are the next alternative in the patio paving cost scale. The cost of pavers varies depending on the quality of the paver material used. Concrete pavers cost less than brick pavers and natural stone pavers. If you are on a moderate budget consider concrete patio pavers for value. If you have higher budgets go for brick or natural stone pavers. Due to the availability of various shapes, colors, and sizes of pavers are versatile paving materials available today. The combination of slip resistance and attractive finishes are another factor to consider.

Man made pavers can in many different shape triangles, octagon, circles, half Circles, irregular, zigzags, keyholes, diamonds, fans, hexagon, rectangle, and square. Natural stones come with their own shapes when using natural stone pavers on your project you will find the range and selections available are not as large as those man made paver (concrete and brick). This is where concrete pavers are at greater advantage, you have more of a variety to choose in terms of shapes, colors, sizes and patterns.

Paving your patio is a great way to improve the look of your outdoor living area. There is such a great variety of shapes, patterns, and colors to choose from. Man made products such as precast concrete pavers, concrete pavers, brick pavers, and clay pavers are all commonly used on pavers applications. Natural stones such as sandstone, flagstone, limestone and river rocks can also be used on your patio.