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vinyl white privacy solid fenceOnGuard Fence Systems classic architectural powder coated finishes fence components feature their exclusive exterior finish Their finishes last a lifetime, protecting your investment and enhancing the value of your property in Concord, NC.

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Our fence prices average close to $275 less than other Huntersville and Charlotte area fence companies. We construct close to 175 fences every season, by not doing any on-site estimates. Stop for a second and THINK about the REAL cost of doing 1,000 estimates! Add up the gas, vehicle tear, driving time, estimate time, and then when they got their quote and decided not to get a fence at that time, who is now out the $100 or MORE it cost to do their quote? WELL its the next customer who actually decided to get a fence. YOU.

At this company, their is NOTHING that can occur that we have not already come across. IN FACT, other companies won't tell you this, but YOU CAN MEASURE WHERE YOU WANT YOUR FENCE TO GO and call around and get prices.

Do you really need THREE FENCE COMPANIES to measure the SAME YARD???? We use EXACTLY the same craftsmanship and materials as that other Charlotte fence builder and Mooresville fence installer, that wanted over $500 more.

scalloped convex spaced french gothic posts picture sale special price deal picket fences 4 foot high standard dog

Tell us the styles you like, roughly the distance of fence you need, and if clearing needs to be done. Then we'll give you an exact price per foot to build your fence. When you hire our fence company, we set a date to start and meet with you to sign the paperwork, go over the logistics, and begin.

Our wood fences are built to the highest standards of quality work. Every post is set in concrete, We also build all of our wood fences picket by picket and DON'T USE premade sections or panels. Any company that uses premade sections is NOT a real fence company. There are numerous reasons for this and if you have ever seen a wood fence built with premade sections, you already know the answer. Building wood fences is something that we have been doing for many years. Wood Fences and only wood fences is what we do. We use the highest quality lumber for your fence.

Charlotte Fence Company services most of middle North Caroliana including but not limited to Kannapolis, Huntersville, Matthews, Concord, and Gastonia. Our partner Charlotte Landscaping Company can build you gorgeous fireplaces, patios, decks, walkways and more!!! We are two of the leading contractors in the Charlotte area. Our contractors are experienced in backyard living solutions.

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