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We will beat any other local fence company's price for any wood fence by $99 to $999 or we pay you $50 CASH.

Call now for your free estimate. Some restrictions may apply. This may include the length of fence needed to qualify, the style, or possibly the geographic area since we cover almost the ENTIRE state of North Carolina.


  1. FIRST AND FOREMOST. Beware of an installer who asks for money TOO far ahead of time.

    Most established and quality fence companies WILL NOT get a deposit check until the lumber is already at your site, or a few days ahead of time. If you give them a large deposit several weeks in advance, and then the company delays your start date, DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK?? A good practice is to give 1/2 to 2/3 down AFTER THE LUMBER IS THERE or no more than 5 days before the job is to be started. Then give them the balance after your job is complete.

  2. Does the company have a proven positive track record?

    Make sure the company has been around for several years. Hiring a company that has a proven track record is critical to your own piece of mind. Just because a company has a website does not mean that they are reputable. Protect yourself by NEVER giving someone a deposit check until your lumber is at your house.

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  3. Does the company use fence contractors or employees?

    Choosing a fence installer who has his own employees is extremely important because a subcontractor is just another company that was hired to do your job. At our company, we train all employees and they build your fence OUR WAY, not their own way. Fence companies who “sub” out their work do not always have control over getting your job completed, because the subcontractor is his own company has doesn't necessarily stay on schedule. If their subcontractor has other projects going on, you could end up waiting weeks past the day that your fence was supposed to be started.

  4. Does the company back up their work in writing?

    If you are not getting anything in writing, you are setting yourself up for many potential problems. A written contract is the best way to protect you as well as the fence company. Companies that do not give you any type of paperwork are usually the one's that you will have the most problems with throughout the entire process. Most companies will give you a one year workmanship warranty. OUR COMPANY GIVES YOU A LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY!

  5. Where is the company run from?

    Google the company's address, is it being run from an apartment? A storage bin? Look up the company's owners' personal property tax records. It's not necessarily a bad thing if the company is being run out of a home or residence because you know the person in charge has assets and is a long time resident of the area and is likely going to be around for many years to come. Be wary of companies that don't have an established place of business and can close up shop and disappear if they get into financial trouble. Also a handyman or “jack of all trades” that does not specialize in wood fences may not possess the proper knowledge, tools, OR skills needed to do your job correctly.

  6. Is the potential fence installer licensed, and insured?

         a. Making sure the company has a business license is important in the aspect that it shows the company has filled out the proper paperwork and paid proper taxes and fees in order to do business legally in your city or state. A reputable company will follow all guidelines to run a fence company in the city.

         b. If a subcontractor gets hurt on your property does the person you hired that subcontracted the job to them have insurance to cover the accident?. Choosing a contractor who is licensed in your city means that they do not have any outstanding violations.

  7. Are references available?

    If a company that cannot give you ten references you should be cautious. Even if you do not check all ten references, it will give you a clue as to the quality or longevity of their company. Anyone can find two or three people to say they do good work. Can they find ten people to say that? We can.

  8. How long is their wait period to start your fence? How long to complete it?

    A fence company can take you for a ride when it comes to scheduling you WEEKS out. They can get your deposit check and 3 weeks later when your start date comes they are still WEEKS behind schedule. At this company, we are NEVER more than 2-7 days behind starting a job and complete over 3/4's of our jobs in a single day. We have so many measures in place to protect you the consumer from getting taken advantage of. Remember, NOT EVERYONE has a CONSCIOUS!

  9. Does this fence installer use concrete to set the fence posts?

    Most companies in the industry know to use concrete for every single post. However, when you start hiring those companies that build fences on the side or in their "spare" time you are again asking for trouble. Make sure that concrete is used on every post and they are not trying to save money and cut corners by concreting every other post!

  10. Nails and Rails. ASK THESE QUESTIONS PERIOD.

    Is the company you chose using 2 2x4 rails on four foot fences and 3 2x4 rails on 5 and 6 foot high fences? Have you seen a six foot high fence where only two rails were used? It looks like an accordion from the sun warping EVERY picket!

    Are they using 4 nails in each picket on a four foot fence and 6 nails on five and six foot high fences? Some companies try to cut corners by using 5 nails and doing the old 2-1-2 routine. Are the nails hot dipped galvanized rink shank nails? If you don't have a written warranty or even only a ONE YEAR warranty, you wont have problems UNTIL SEVERAL YEARS LATER when they rust out. Our lifetime warranty against workmanship ensures that you won't have these two problems........ EVER!

Charlotte Fence Company services Huntersville, Kannapolis, Gastonia, Matthews, and most of middle North Carolina.