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Homeowners buy fences for various reasons. The most common reasons to buy a fence are to contain something like kids or pets, privacy, define a boundary or barrier, and curb appeal or resale.

  • Containment Fence a.k.a.
    Dog Fence or Kid Fence

This is the number one reason homeowners buy fences. Homeowners need to contain a dog, dogs, a child, or children. We want privacy as well as being our children and pets to be safe. An affordable wood privacy picket fence is a great way to prevent them from wandering off. The most effective choices for this type are 4 or 6 foot high picket fences. The prices for picket fences range from $10 per foot to as high as $20 a linear foot. Some extreme fence designs can cost $25 or more per foot. These are rare and are not found on our website. A new addition, such as a dog, brings happiness to many families and children. It also brings an expense. Our fence builder wants to help you minimize the expense.

  • Privacy Fences

In today's environment, endless numbers of homes and neighborhoods are being constructed each day. The biggest issue with new neighborhoods is that everything is demolished and no trees or plants remain. They construct the homes so adjacently you could sometimes almost literally touch your next door neighbor's house from your window. A privacy fence is affordable. The solid dog ear fence is the most economical style of privacy fence. A privacy fence does not cost much more than a 4 foot picket fence. It is also a great investment as a privacy screen for a deck or a patio. Though it would be nice to have an eight foot privacy fence sometimes, many cities and counties will not allow fences taller than six feet high.

  • Barrier Fence / Boundary Fences

Another reason to buy a fence is to establish a barrier or to create a boundary. One client enclosed his yard, so that the neighborhood kids would stop playing on his property. Split rail fences are a popular choices in the Charlotte area. It is thought to be the most affordable option for a fence, but actually it is comparable to a picket fence. Sometimes a barrier fence is just a barrier to the view, which is what some people want. Wether it is for a barrier, to define a property line, space, or boundary, or another reason, a fence will get the job done.

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  • Curb Appeal / Resale Value

Some people simply want a picket fence or even a privacy fence to enhance their already gorgeous backyard. A fence is the finishing touch that is needed. Maybe you are trying to sell your home and want your yard to look finished. Whether it is for buyer appeal or your personal pleasure, a wood fence is a teriffic way to add value and appeal to your residence. Every fence can add value, but spending too much money on a fence like a vinyl or aluminum fence usually results with you NOT getting your resale value back out of them. An Charlotte aluminum fence might cost $7,500 and add only $3,500 back in value to the home. On the other hand, a wood fence usually is about $2,300 and might add $3,000 or $3,500 to the home's value. The value is in the containment, privacy, barrier, and aesthetics, NOT in the materials.

Staining, water sealing, or protecting the fence is will enhance the end result and add to its curb appeal.

Whatever the reason may be, there is a style and type of fence that will fit your needs and budget. Visit our photos section for more styles and ideas and project information.